About Trendtec, Inc.

Trendtec was established in 1974. We are a multifaceted Corporation offering the business community a unique combination of services.

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Our Divisions:

(1) Contract/Temporary Staffing Services
(2) Professional Placement Services
(3) Payroll Employment Services

Our clients have found our full range services to be invaluable in managing their organizations.

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Our Qualities:

(1) Staff
(2) Our Policies
(3) Service Philosophy

These are the qualities that Trendtec possesses that makes us different from other Services/Agencies.

From the outset, it must be stressed that our staff is the backbone of our service. We believe our low turn over rate has assisted in establishing a professional and high quality service in which our customers know they can rely on.

Our greatest asset is our staff: their knowledge, skill, experience, enthusiasm and loyalty.

Our customers find that Trendtec’s management and employees actualize our motto.

 “Our Pride . . .  Our People “