Why Work Temporary


Working as a temporary employee can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience.

A recent survey of Temporary workers revealed their motivation/advantages for working temporary:

• Scheduling flexibility – tailor work schedule to suit personal or family needs.

• Skills training, like an apprentice program. A vehicle for on-the-job training and skill building which will increase an employees’ market value and experience level.

• Supplemental Income.

• Independence.

• Reduces the amount of time you are unemployed by acting as a safety-net while between full time employment jobs.

• Facilitates entry or reentry into work force. It provides a smooth transition from one employment setting to another. Whether from layoffs or termination, from school to work, supplemental income for retirement, or from housework/child to paid work.

• Temporary jobs lead to full time employment. It encourages job try-outs. Allowing both employers and employees to “try before you buy”. Approximately 33% of all temporary assignments result in an offer of full time employment.


When searching for employment there are choices available. The difference between an individual conducting their own job search and the utilization of our services is substantial.


We represent hundreds of companies that have current job openings.

Positions available for short/long term and possible regular employment.

One place to apply for employment, one resume, one interview, etc…

Working temporary provides a distinct advantage over other job seekers an inside track

Positions can be for an immediate start or an interview with quick response.

Working temporary gives an opportunity to evaluate a company before making a commitment. You may leave/switch assignments with
limited notice.

Increase your ability to negotiate a higher salary if approached by the company to become an employee, having already established your capabilities.

While working at various companies through us, we are your employer. One company on your employment record reflects stability.

Having a professional company and experienced staff assist.


Time spent searching hundreds of web sites & newspaper ads for employment.

Positions usually limited to regular employment.

E-mailing many resumes, filling out numerous applications, multiple interviews, follow up phone calls, etc…

Competing with every applicant that applies. (50? 80? 100?)

Several interviews for one position and usually there is no response or a long wait for an answer.

Once hired if the job is unsatisfactory, you have to start the job search process all over again.

More difficult to negotiate your desired salary because you are an unknown entity.

Changing companies frequently, for what ever reason, will show on your employment record as a “job hopper”.

Spending time looking for work with little or no help.


Temporary work has additional advantages versus working as a regular employee. Working temporary allows you to control your job responsibilities by specifying your desires to your recruiter. By working multiple assignments you can accelerate your skills, capabilities and knowledge resulting in possible wage increases with each new assignment versus a standard annual increase.


Most individuals by now realize there is no “Permanent Employment”; no job has guaranteed security. Job security, in our economy, is based on an employee’s marketable skills, knowledge and experience. Temporary employment can increase your marketability.