Company Philosophy


To achieve this goal we operate with a set of principles and beliefs that guide our actions and direct our efforts today and in the future.

Trendtec intends for our Customers to experience total satisfaction with our value-added services.  We assure our Customers that we will not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Customers will recognize the quality service our company provides by our:

COMMUNICATION – The key to successful implementation

•        Initiate contact with Customers
•        Keep Customers informed in a timely and constructive manner
•        Provide realistic evaluations of the situation – we don’t wait for the Customer to call us
•        If we don’t know the answer, we say so – then we make a commitment to find the answer

PROACTIVENESS – We remain flexible and open to new ideas

•        Understand the Customer’s needs, priorities, plans, problems, expectations and future demands
•        Look outside of conventional policies and practices for solutions
•        Follow-up to assure Customer satisfaction
•        Do more than expected when providing service or resolving complaints

COMMITMENT AND EXPERIENCE – Service comes ahead of profits

•        Understand that service is our top priority
•        Realize that Customers and Employees are a growing asset
•        Place emphasis on quality not quantity
•        Invest in people – educate, train, fair wages and benefits
•        Technical ability and know how
•        Invest in technology to support people

PARTNERSHIP – Our dedication to service means we are a valued member of our customer’s team by:

•        Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with our Customers and within Trendtec
•        Know and use the capabilities of our Customer’s staff, co-workers, and support groups
•        Demonstrate goodwill and genuine interest in our Customer’s requirements
•        Courteous personal contact is an essential part of delivering value to our Customers

When the Customer can place a high value on our service and our people, the Customer knows that utilizing Trendtec is the right decision and Trendtec knows it’s in a win-win partnership with its Customers.